Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Properly Clean your Clarisonic

I always told myself the day I decide to buy a Clarisonic I would for sure need my head examined. Yet in February, I skipped right by the "head doctor" and went straight to Sephora's online site and ordered one!  $226.00 later it arrived to my house in about a weeks time.  I kept it in the box for almost 2 weeks before I used it.  I had to talk myself into NOT returning it.  Not because there was anything wrong with it, but because it was after all $226.00!!

Yet almost seven months later here I am, in love with my Clarisonic and not regretting a day that goes by about spending this ridiculous amount of money.  I recently went away with my colleagues on a business trip, and everyone referred to my Clarisonic as an "electric toothbrush for your face" and you know what, they are right.  This has got to be one of the most amazing ways I have ever deep cleaned my face without any harsh scrubs, chemicals, or cleansers.  My Clarisonic has truly transformed my face and everyone around me who I know that owns one has yet to say otherwise.  

I was recently googling the net when I saw an article about how to properly clean and disinfect your Clarisonic.  For a second I laughed.  I mean that's like asking how to disinfect your toothbrush or washing machine.  For a toothbrush I throw it out after a few months.  For my washing machine...well that's kinda of weird.  Anyway, after reading further I realized that it wasn't a laughing matter and these devices need to be properly cleaned often in order to avoid mold and mildew growing in them.  At first this shocked me as I didn't think such a thing could occur.  However after I decided to open my Clarisonic, I was in shock in regards to what I found. 

So below is a step by step process on how to clean and disinfect your Clarisonic so you can keep it running smooth and mold/mildew free! 

Step 1

Remove the brush head from the Clarisonic device by twisting the head.  Once it comes off set the brush head apart for the moment.

For many of you, if you never cleaned your device it will probably look something like this.  I found this picture online of a Clarisonic that hasn't been cleaned in awhile.

Step 2

Grab a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and spray the device head of your Clarisonic in order to clean and disinfect it. Leave the solution on for about a minute.  

 After a minute, grab an unused toothbrush or a bounty towel and start clean out the gunk from the device head.  This might take some time so be patience.  Its better you get it all out and leave behind no germs then quickly clean it and still be in the same place you started.

Step 3

 Grab the brush head, pour some baby soap on it and wash it clean.  Its best you use baby shampoo as its soft and gentle and won't irritate your face afterwards or affect the integrity of the nylon bristles.  

Take your brush head and dunk it in a glass of water with one part water and one part Hydrogen Peroxide solution.  Some recommend using alcohol, but alochol can damage the bristles.  Leave the brush head in the solution of water for about 5 minutes.  

Step 4

 Remove your brush head from the solution and run it under warm water to remove the Peroxide.  After you are done, towel dry the brush head on a CLEAN towel and lay it aside so it air dries along with the device.  Once BOTH the device and head brush are dry, then put the brush head back on and lay it back on the charge.

Try to do this once a month to keep your brush head and device clean.  However a small note, when you are done using your Clarisonic after every use, always quickly run the brush head (attached to the device) under water to get it clean and always towel dry it on a clean towel.  You can pour a little baby soap or face cleanser on it to clean the bristles quickly.  However make sure to deep clean it once a month. Remember to replace the head of the Clarisonic every 4-6 months or when it starts to look worn down.  I use mine everyday so I change it every 5-6 months.  However if you use it less, then you might not need to replace it often.  Finally, never leave your Clarisonic in the shower as it will for shower grow mildew on the inside. 

Remember this device is suppose to clean your face.  However exposing a dirty Clarisonic to your face, defeats the purpose of using this.

Well there you have it.  Four easy steps on how to clean your Clarisonic!

Keep Smiling!


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