Monday, August 11, 2014

Cosmetic Skin Solutions Day Moisturizing Creme Advanced Formula+

Cosmetic Skin Solutions Day Moisturizing Creme Advanced Formula+ - $29.85 US

I heard about Cosmetic Skin Solutions (CSS) last year when I was on the hunt for a decent Vitamin C serum that that had at least 15% to 20% of vitamin C,  no fillers or unnecessary binders (I will review that product in the next few weeks).  When I came across this company I was taken by their amazing different assortment of products they sold for the skin.  I liked how they were all well packaged and sold at a decent price.  Other Vitamin C serums I looked into went well into the hundreds of dollars.  Lets get real people, its Vitamin C not gold.  While this stuff isn't cheap to make, however its not that ridiculously expensive either.  I also have tried their 1% retinol which I plan to review in the next few weeks as well.

A few months back, I received an email from the company notifying me of two new products they came out with.  Their Hydra B5 Masque Advanced Formula + (click here for that review) and their Exfoliating Gel Cleanser Advanced + (which I haven't tried).  Upon looking at their line of products I noticed their Day Moisturizing Creme Advanced Formula+.  Now I have seen this creme before, but some how I just always skipped by it.  Lucky for me, my facial cream had just run out and I was in the market for a new one, so I decided to order this!

This arrived to my house about two weeks later.  Since I live in Canada, it takes about two weeks to get here.  However I had to admit I LOVE their shipping rate.  Its actually pretty cheap and doesn't leave you wondering if you can could of bought a whole new product with the amount of money some companies want in shipping for Canada.  It came nicely secured since the jar is made of glass.  First thing I noticed was that this does come in a jar form, but more about that later.  The cream is a light yellowish tint and has hardly a smell.  The creme comes in a fairly size jar with a good screw on lid.  

I decided to try this creme on the days I wasn't using their other product, the B5 Masque cream gel.  This cream spreads very easily and has a nice smooth and silky formula to it.  I decided to read the ingredients and one thing caught my eye.  I noticed that this cream has witch hazel in it which was the smell that I originally mentioned.  I am going to be honest here and say, I don't use products at all that have witch hazel and/or alochol in them.  I don't see the point in these ingredients in skincare.  However I will admit that it was further down the list of ingredients at the back so that means not a lot is actually in the jar.  Nonetheless, I do trust CSS so I decided to put aside my biases (which I totally admit they are) and give it a shot.  This company has never failed me before so I don't see how it would now.

I have to say I was impressed by this cream.  The last few months I have been suffering from an allergic face rash that leaves my skin swollen, dry and red.  At times it hurts to touch it.  When I started using this cream it was around the time when the face rash was going down but I was still left with dry patches and irritation on my face.  This creme helped to not only bring down the redness, but to also help heal the dry patches and make my skin silky smooth all around.  My skin never felt burned, got red or worse while using this creme.  It has actually helped my face a lot in the healing process.  I normally use this cream at night alternating it with their B5 Masque Gel creme.  This creme also adsorbs quickly into the skin so by the time my head hits the pillow, my face is dry.     

The only complaint I have about this creme is the fact that it comes in a jar.  I would have preferred the company put this cream in a vacuum sealed pump because it allows the ingredients in it to stabilize longer and last longer.  Many ingredients breakdown with the constant exposure to light and air.  Creams that come in jars are victims to this breakdown and research has shown this.   Also, it allows for bacteria to affect the product when you constantly have to stick your fingers in the cream to apply it.  Lets me be real, half the people who apply their facial products don't wash their hands before hand which you should before EVER touching your face.  So I would say if this came in a vacuum sealed pump, I believe the product would be better protected and stabilize longer.  After researching the market, I have noticed a lot of companies are moving their face creams and serums to these types of vacuum sealed pumps in order to offer the consumer the best quality they can get from the product. 

However outside of that, I have to say this creme is a winner for me and I plan to keep ordering it after it runs out!!

CSS is offering a 5% off on all their products as customer appreciation! Type in the word "CSSPROMO" to get your discount at checkout! Hey every little bit helps right!! :-)

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