Monday, August 18, 2014

August Spotlight of The Month!

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant - $27.00 CDN

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When I was young I always looked to the fact that one day I would grow up and be able to use all sorts of fancy, lovely and awesome smelling body and skincare products.  I remember the first time I saw a commercial for AHA and couldn't wait to be an adult fast enough to try it out!  Weird I know!  However what I didn't anticipate what that as we become adults, our body chemistry changes and that meant body odor came with it. 

I am obsessed with smelling good at all times.  I shower twice a day to make sure that even when I sleep I smell good.  Even though I use dry shampoo here and there, just the thought that my scalp might smell causes me to wash my hair every other day!  However with all that being said, I realized that no matter what type of deodorant I tried, I always ended up with a slight smell at the end of the day which killed me!  I went on the hunt and tried just about every deodorant that the drugstore sells.  I finally settled on Soft & Dry Deodorant.  However it still didn't give me that lasting protection I needed.  One day while watching youtube, I saw a girl mention how much she loved Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant.  She stated that this deodorant worked miracles and that other were able to attest to it's great work!  Being the researcher that I am, I googled the hell out of this product and realized that just about everyone sung its praise.   

Now, it took me about two months before I actually ordered this because I couldn't get around the price tag.  I mean $27 PLUS tax is a lot to swallow.  However when I realized that the hot summer months were coming, I caved in and bought it!  I ordered it online from Sephora because I was unable to find it in stores.  It was also sold out online for awhile so hence why it took me two months to make up my mind.  When it finally arrived at my house, though it was a decent size product, I expected a much larger product for the price.  However, maybe the selling point is not the size but the magic in the bottle.  As they say, "good things come in small packages".  This packaged arrived late during the day so I wasn't able to try it that day and I don't wear deodorant to bed.

I woke up the next morning, showered, changed and applied this deodorant.  First thing I noticed was that it smelled awesome! It smelled like fresh baby powder.  I mean I was in love with the smell.  It wasn't overpowering and  nor so unscented that you barely smelled anything.  It comes in a solid form stick formula instead of a gel.  It glides on very smooth and creamy with no tugging to the skin.  It doesn't come off in chucks like it did before in the old white solid forms.  However, word to the wise.  Because this is a while solid form deodorant, be careful when putting clothes on as this might leave a white stain.

I could smell this deodorant on me throughout the day.  I never once smelled any sort of odor coming from that region of the body.  By the time the nighttime came, I still smelled fresh, clean and no smell in sight.  It didn't leave any stain on my clothes and my shirt still smelled fresh.  When I showered that night, it was easy to wash off with no problem.

Its been now three months since I bought this deodorant and have even worn it to workout and have yet to have it fail on me.  The staying power and odor protection that is offered in this deodorant is something I haven't seen in all my years of wearing deodorant.  I have to agree, though its pretty pricey, I have never seen something work so well.  I plan to keep buying this item regardless of the price tag if it can keep me smelling fresh and clean all day long!!  While I was truly hesitant at first, but for the fact that under really hot weather or a hard workout it never fails it for sure is a winner for me in my books!

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