Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Uguisu No Fun (Nightingale Poo) Geisha Facial!

Being a beauty writer you tend to end up hearing about products that normal every day life you probably wouldn't of known of.  Nonetheless you try it out anyway just to see what all the fuss is about.  I mean hey, its not everyday where you get to smear poo on your face, write about it and actually have people be interested in reading it.

Don't even ask me how I came upon hearing about this product I am about to review.  I think it was something I read about Victoria Beckham getting one every time she was in NYC to help with her acne issue. What in the world am I talking about you may ask?! Well let me tell you!! Its known as Uguisu No Fun which is made of Nightingale droppings. Yes you read that right...its bird shit.  But not just any type of bird shit...its nightingale bird shit.  As if that is suppose to make it better!

 Its a facial that Geisha's and Japanese women have been using for years to treat their skin and keep it glowing and youthful.  Its known as a "Geisha Facial".  The droppings are treated with UV rays in order to disinfect and kill all bacteria in the poo and the birds are feed a vegan diet.  It claims to help with clearing up acne, lightening skin naturally without bleaching it, adds a natural brilliance to skin due to the iridescent from the Guanine found in the poo and helps sun damaged and aging skin. 

 I was intrigued as disgusting as that may sound to try it out.  I searched the net and realized that you  couldn't actually get a Geisha Facial in Toronto, only in NYC.  So what's a girl to do when you can't find the shit (literally) that you are looking for?!  You order it online of course!!

I headed to Ebay which is the capital of "find anything you need/want" online and found this bottle of Uguisu No Fun facial mask that was being shipped from Japan.  I googled it first before buying it and after realizing that I didn't read Japanese and/or had no idea what I was doing, I bought it! SOLD!  I mean what's the worse that could happen? So what if I was applying literal poo on my face with no English instructions...I mean for the sake of beauty don't we do worse?!

When it arrived to my house 3 weeks later, I put in my beauty cabinet and walked away.  Like I mean come on, who would really apply literal shit on their face...right?  So I hit the net and decided to put my grad school research skills into action and googled away for like weeks.  I mean  come on, I earned two Masters degrees while in grad school.  If anyone could find out how this "shit" worked then it would be me!  After I found all the info I needed I decided the only thing left to do was to put it on my face and see what happens.

Uguisu No Fun comes in a tiny tiny squirt bottle.  Everything is written in Japanese so unless you read the language your best bet is to google the internet for instructions.  The mask comes in a powder form which is a very creamy color.  You add 2-3 squirts of this powder in your hand or a bowl and mix it with 2-3 drops of water.  Once you mix it, it becomes a watery creamy consistency and the color turns to a dark greenish gray.  Still manageable right?!  Well that is until the smell hits you.  Oh sweet baby Jesus, this "shit" smells so bad I swore I was going to do the techno colored yawn.  Keep in mind when I first tried this back in the summer I was pregnant...very pregnant.  So the smell was not helping.  I was only able to use this 2-3 times before I couldn't take it anymore.  I decided it was best to wait till after the baby was born in order to continue using it.

Months later after the baby was born I decided to muster up the courage (and the nose plugs) to try it again. I won't lie this thing still smells bad.  I mean really bad.  However I forged on and applied it all over my face and timed it for 15 minutes.  Its best you breath through your mouth the whole time in order to avoid passing out from the smell and/or the lack of air.  Last thing you want is to try to explain to the paramedic why your face is covered in shit.  I doubt it the psych unit would be very understanding of our quest for beauty. Trust me I should know.  I work in psych remember....we don't take to well to people who do outlandish things.  Smearing poo on your face is one of them!  No matter how beauty related you want to justify it!

After using it a few times (and not throwing up) this is what I have concluded.  First, I don't know if it works on acne or not as I don't suffer for this condition.  Second, I am only 33 years old and don't tan, so I can't tell you if it actually helps with premature aging or sun damage skin.  Third, I already use vitamin C and I am of a very fair complexion.  So I don't know if it actually helps to brighten my skin since the Vitamin c already does that.  The only thing I can vouch for is that after using it, my skin looked very iridescent each time.  Due to the natural Guanine found in the nightingale poo, it did cause this effect on my skin after every use.  You can also use this as a facial wash.  However I am not sure how I feel about using this everyday.  So I will stick to the mask portion use of it.   

So what's my conclusion?  If you are willing smear poo on your face for the sake of beauty then go for it.  The whole thing is treated with UV rays and disinfected.  It will leave a very lovely look on your skin due to the Guanine.  However this is only possible if you can get passed the smell for 15 minutes.

Lastly, this particularly brand is no longer sold.  It's best you google the net and Ebay (of course) to find which ones are out there and worth the buy.  I am not sure if I would buy this again; I mean after all it is poo not for nothing and there are other products out there that can give you that iridescent effect.  Nonetheless there is always something to be learned in the world of beauty and I as a beauty writer am willing to take the challenge! Well that a point!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'll share with my daughters who are obsessed with beauty products.

  2. nice review of product. shared it with my wife who can use it


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