Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tip Tuesday: How to Wash and Care for Your Makeup Brushes!

So as of April I am will be starting my "Tip Tuesday" series in order to bring you good advice on beauty matters. So lets get to it!

The majority of us use brushes in order to apply our makeup.  A good set of makeup brushes can and will revolutionize the way you apply your makeup.  Makeup brushes can make your makeup look flawless and perfect.  

However with all that being said, in order to get that prefect flawless look, you need to clean your brushes.  So let's be honest here.  How often do you clean your brushes? Once a week? Once every two weeks? Once a month? Once a year? Never?  You nasty!!!! 

The truth is, if you are using foundation, concealer, stippling or kabuki brushes that use any sort of cream, liquid or compact makeup, then you need to clean those puppies everyday or at least spot clean everyday.   Same goes for eyeliner and lip liner brushes.  Powder brushes and eyeshadow brushes can be cleaned one to two times a month because they are used to pick up non-cream or liquid product.  However you still need to clean them!!!

There are two ways to clean your brushes.  You can spot clean them and deep clean them in order to get rid of bacteria, germs, dead skin cells, makeup, oil and just straight up nastiness.  Remember these brushes are use to apply product to your face with.  By not cleaning them, you are not only transferring dirty face oil and derby from your makeup to your face, but you are also leaving yourself open to break outs and god knows what else.  And that my friends is just straight up nasty!!!

Spot Clean

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with three parts water and one part vinegar.  Mix it well and then spray the head of your makeup brush till its damp.  

Grab a clean towel or paper towel and gently but firmly rub the brush head against the towel in order to clean out the gunk in it.

Deep Cleaning

1.  Run your brushes under lukewarm running water to get them wet. Make sure you the water NEVER goes past where the brush hairs end.  The sliver part that hold that brush together is called the furrule.  If that part gets wet it can damage your brush by causing the whole brush to come apart and the hairs on the brush to fall out.  Only wet the brush up to where the furrule starts.

2.  Use either baby soap or facial wash as a cleanser to wash your brushes with.  Don't use anything else as it might damage the brush hair or cause you an allergic reaction.  As remember these brushes will be touching your face again once dried.  So baby soap or facial cleanser is mild and without harsh dyes or chemicals.

3. Mix three parts cleanser (whichever one you decide upon) to one part olive oil in a bowl.

4. Dip your makeup brush ONLY up to where the brush head ends (the furrule) into the bowel and swirl it around so it picks up the cleanser.  Then swirl the brush on your hand (the one you are not using to hold the brush with....hey just saying!!) and brush it against your palm to clean it.  Then rinse it under the lukewarm water till it runs clean of soap and/or makeup product residue.  Also, never clean a brush right side up when wet.  Always clean it head down as show below in order to avoid anything passed the brush head getting wet.

Drying and Shaping

To dry your brushes whether you spot cleaned or deep cleaned, roll up a towel part way and lay the handle part of the brush against the rolled up section so that your brush head lays gently on the flat part of the towel.  Make sure your makeup brushes are always facing down when drying.  If not, the water can get into the head of the brush and loosen the glue which will cause your brush hairs to fall out.  Leave in this position till your brushes are completely dried or more then half way dried.

In order to restore the brush head back to its normal form, use a brush mesh guard once your brushes have dried or are more then partly dried.  This will help to keep and resort the shape of the brush which is needed in order to help apply your product properly.  You can buy these on ebay.  I did for 99 cents.  They came from Hong Kong shipping was free but took 3 weeks to get to my home in Canada. I got I think 15 brush mesh guards in a pack.

Spot clean or deep clean your brushes everyday when using cream and liquid products regardless if they are face, eyes or lip brushes.  For all other brushes (e.i. eyeshadow or powder brushes) that only use powder forms of makeup, you should deep clean them once a month.

Understand that cleaning your brushes is something you should do all the time.  By not having proper brush hygiene you leave yourself open to breakouts and re-apply gunk on your face everyday.  A set of good brushes are affordable but expensive if you don't take care of them.  I have Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes and trust me I take care of them.  While a set of 15 brushes cost me $130, I don't plan to pay that again for a very long time.  Also, its less about the money and more about my face.  I care about my skin, so why would I apply a dirty nasty germ infested brush on my face?

Its up to you to decide how important your brush and facial hygiene is.  For me, its everything to have proper healthy skin.  

Keep smiling!


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  1. i find this a tedious job, i do mine and it never gets easier lol,

    1. I agree. I deep wash my foundation kabuki brushes e v e r y night!!! Its a pain but when I don't my foundation applies blotchy and the risk of a break out freaks me out lol So now to get around that I have like 4 kabuki brushes. But I still need to wash them at the end of the week deep clean once I run out. So now I have more to do lol

  2. I do use make-up brushes for blush and loose powder and I definitely need to wash them more often, thanks for the tips!


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