Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Madness: Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki Brush vs. Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Flat Buffer Brush

I love my Blank Canvas Cosmetics (BCC) makeup brushes!  I actually don't use anything else but them.  I have just about every brush from their collection and talk about them ALL the time!  I first heard of BCC when I was trying to buy Sigma Beauty brushes.  When it came time to cash out, I realized I was being charged a ridiculous amount of money to ship a few brushes to Canada.  So I canceled that order and went on the hunt for new brushes.  One day while watching youtube I saw Sinead from The Makeup Chair talking about their brushes.  So I checked them out and realized that a set of 15 brushes was costing me $6.00 bucks to ship.  SOLD! I bought them right away.  Funny thing was with Sigma I was going to spend $80 bucks till I saw the $30 dollar shipping charge.  With BCC I ended up spending $130 with shipping, taxes and all!

Nonetheless people constantly talk about Sigma's F80 Flat Kabuki Brush.  So being the curious person that I am, I went online to and bought the brush from one of their authorized dealers for the same price you can get it from Sigma's website but with no shipping charge.  SOLD!

So in this blog I am going to compare the two as I know people are always wondering the million dollar question.  Which one is better and/or are they comparable!

BCC F20 brush comes in two colors.  Hot pink and black handle.  Some dared to call it a dupe of the Sigma F80 brush.  Let me tell you this is no dupe.  This is a stand alone brush that holds its own weight.   It has a dense head, strong soft bristles and hardly sheds if ever.  The brush retails for $21.30 CDN on their website.  

The Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki Brush has a shorter handle, big dense bristle head and I haven't seen any shedding so far though I have washed it a few times now. The bristles are very soft to the touch and just like the BCC F20 brush, it doesn't pick up to much product so that it doesn't absorb to much into the brush. This brush retails for $21.00 US on their website.


I decided to take an "arial" view of the brushes so you can see how they stack up.  The top one that looks unwashed (but really is clean) is the Sigma F80 and the bottom one is the BCC F20.  If you look closely, the Sigma F80 does have a denser head then the BCC F20 brush.  However after using both time and time again, I saw no difference in the final application of my foundation.  These both brushes are  made with the same Kabuki hair type material which allows you to get that airbrush look that you only see on the cover of a magazine.  While the Sigma brush is shorter then the BCC they both physical feel and handle the same.  While the Sigma bristles are longer then the BCC, nonetheless they both provided the same excellent service of applying foundation evenly and buffed in well.

However with all that being said, I would still buy the BCC F20 and here is why.  Shipping on the Sigma F80 brush cost me $8.00 and that is coming from the USA.  Shipping on the BCC F20 brush cost me $2.28 and that is coming from Ireland.  Come on people!! Somethings not right here when it cost more to ship across the border then it does from around the world!!  At the end of the day, if the price of shipping is going to cost me almost as much as another brush, then I might as well get my money's worth and go with a product that will offer me more for way less!!

Whatever brush you decide to buy will give you the same result, however I am sticking with my BCC F20. I currently own two of these and I have to say I am in love!!

Keep Smiling!


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