Friday, April 11, 2014

March Favorites!

So this took me awhile to decide what were my favorites products for the month of March as I had so many things to pick from.  However at last I narrowed it down to four awesome products!

Ok so I am like totally obsessed with my eyebrows to the point that I actually measure them when I pluck them to make sure they are of even angle.  I also pluck them just about everyday to avoid stray hairs and I NEVER let anyone touch them who is not me!!  However I recently went to Sephora and an Anastasia worker gave me this pencil and told me it would work well to fill in any gaps in my eyebrows! I love how natural and easy this is to use.  It comes in different colors so that there is one to for just about every person's eyebrow color.  It looks so awesome I even had guys, fellow co-workers compliment me on my eyebrows!  Love this pencil and the spoolie attached to it!

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre - $59.38 CDN

Face powder and I have a love/hate relationship.  That is until I found this Chanel powder!  What I hate about face powder it makes you look powdery after applied.  However this powder is so finely milled that it leaves behind no trace of a powdery finish.  The jar it comes in is pretty big and there is enough powder to last you for a year if used on a regular basis! I love this powder. I truly don't know how I have survived the last years without it!

BCC makes this beautiful Kabuki brush that is great for stippling and/or buffering your foundation.  It comes in two colors, pink or black handle.  It is made of kabuki material so it doesn't allow the product to soak into the hairs of the brush and delivers a flawless look. I love this brush and can't say enough about it!

Mac Fix+ - $25.00 CDN

While people use this as a setting spray, this works more as a spray to help mattify your makeup and great rid of that powdery look.  This has no alcohol in it which is great and really refreshes your face and makeup when its been a long day and you need a pick me up for your makeup without having to re-apply it.

So those are my March favorites! Let me know what are yours!

Keep Smiling!


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