Sunday, April 6, 2014

Favorite Product of The Week! Soap & Glory Butter Yourself!

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself - $22.00 CDN

Butter yourself?! Don't mind if I do!! And trust me, I really do everyday after my regular (twice a day) shower! I love this body butter.  It goes on extra smooth and creamy and really leaves me feeling soft, smelling great and all buttery!! 

I found this in my local Shoppers Drugmart as I was looking for a new and good smelling body lotion.  At first I was put off by the $22 buck price tag.  However once I opened it and sniffed it I knew I had to have it.  This smells like a bunch of tropical fruits crawled into this jar and just decided to nest in their.  Every time I apply this on my body, I swear I am transported to Hawaii (though I have never been there).  That and the bottle was pretty large and had a lot of product in it.  I bought this back in February and it still seems as if I haven't even cracked it open.  There is so much product in there that it might be months before I go through this jar.

One fabulous thing about this product is it contains AHA which is great for the skin.  AHA helps to exfoliate the skin and helps to get rid of certain issues like brown spots, dry skin, eczema, and keratosis pilaris to name a few.  However there needs to be a certain percentage of AHA in order to see a difference.  This product does not state how much AHA is in it.  So I guess I will have to use this cream for its lovely smell and buttery feeling unless I see changes to my keratosis pilaris on my arm. 

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