Thursday, April 3, 2014

April's Spotlight of The Month!

Clarisonic - $139/$259.00 CDN

For Valentines Day, I decided to buy myself a gift in honor of my love for me!  Who am I kidding!!! This was on sale and figured it was now or never based on how much a normal unit goes for!!  So I jumped on it and bought myself a Clarisonic Aria that included Josie Maran products with it for Valentines Day!

Before buying my Clarisonic, I did some serious research on it.  While it is proven that with electric powered hand handled facial devices, your skin does get cleaner and your makeup washes off better.  Nonetheless, even with all these great advantages, the price tag for one of these sweet puppies is still out there and not within everyone's reach.  Nonetheless, I don't regret it one bit. I was using before an electric brush from DDF which is basically the same one Olay carries.  While this brush did work wonders on my face especially the sides of my nose, it didn't leave my face as clean as the Clarisonic has.  My face not only feels clean but is very soft to the touch.  The funny thing about this brush is that it doesn't spin but vibrates so it does take some getting use to.  However I can see the different with a spinning head and a vibrating head and the big changes this device made to my skin.  

However with all that being said, lets get something straight.  I also use AHA, BHA, Vitamin C and Retinol every night.  So my face is soft, clean and clear due to all these products and the Clarisonic combined.  Remember it takes more then just a facial hand held device to give you beautiful clear skin.  You also need to use products to clear our your face and diet is key as well.  

While I will not lie, this unit cost me $225 CDN with taxes and all, however I would not give it up for the world.  It does a great job at removing any left over makeup and helping to clean out my pores so that my facial products can sink in properly.  I would recommend a Clarisonic to anyone who can afford one.  Also keep in mind, Clarisonic has older model units that do the same job for cheaper.  Before the newer models came out, the older ones were still rocking it out the park.  So go ahead try them out and see if a Clarisonic is right for you!

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