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10 Must Have Beauty Products!

The beauty industry is a $50 billion dollar operation per year and for good reason.  Even up to the simplest girl and most modest man owns some sort of beauty product(s) regardless of the facts.  The truth is everyone wants to look and/or smell good to some extent.  Nobody (or very few people) walk outside without even putting on some sort of beauty or personal hygiene product.  We all have some sort of personal care that we try to achieve and balance out within our crazy busy world.

Being the beauty guru (in my mind) that I am, I decided to follow the recent trend and post 10 of my most covet beauty products that I use and abuse all year long.  Keep in mind that its up to you to decide whatever products you want to use based on your skin texture and issues.  These are only suggests on what I found that works for me!


For this category I had to go with two products because acne/pimple/breakout prone skin can truly benefit for using BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) and sun damage/wrinkle/aging skin can benefit for AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).

I normally use BHA on my face to make sure that my skin is exfoliated down to my pores.  However upon a recent conversation with a fellow medical colleague of mine, he mentioned that AHA is still good to use to help resurface the top layer of your skin.  So I gave it a try and truly was amazed by the results on the first use.  I decided to buy this kit from Paula's Choice (PC) and noticed just how even smoother the surface of my skin looked.  Not only were my pores tighter (which is also a result from the BHA) but my skin seemed even and the small texture issues I have around my nose and underneath my eyes are slowly being corrected as well.  I love this product duo and swear by it!

I have been using this product for almost a year now and it has truly helped me clear up any breakout issues, helped with texture issues and gotten rid of the nasty millions of blackheads (literally) that I had growing on my nose that I was able to scrap off with my nail at times.  I use this product every morning and I alternate it at night with my Resist AHA exfoliant.  This product has worked wonders with keeping my normal breakouts under control.  Don't get me wrong, I don't suffer from acne, however I would get breakouts on my chin and nose which would last for days and at times weeks.  This product also helps the pimples and blackheads to surface on my face and banish them once and for all!

No matter if your oily, normal or dry skin, everyone needs a moisturizer.  I have always used creams until I was given a sample of Josie Maran 100% Argan oil.  I used the oil every day for a month and saw how my dry patches on my face just floated away into nothing but pure and smooth moisturized skin.  However the price tag on it was just simply stupid.  A 1.7oz of Josie Maran Argan oil cost $58.00 CDN.  People, just in case for those who don't read the label, all this bottle has is 100% pure Agran oil....nothing more and nothing less.  Based on that I went hunting for something cheaper but that was still organic, cold press with no fillers or anything taken away.  I was delighted when I found Poppy Austin Agran oil.  For a bottle of 2oz the price came out to $26.55.  Shipping cost me $7.00 to Canada and I still saved a crap load of money.  I received a bringer bottle that was still the same thing Josie Maran was selling, only more realistic in price.  I would highly recommend this oil be added to your daily skincare routine.  It didn't clog my pores or make my face grease.  All you need is 2-3 drops of this oil to see the magic.  I mix it in with my daily cream moisturizer during the winter for an extra punch and/or with my face serum.  Its worth trying and for the price, you can't go wrong.

I don't even know where to beginning with this baby!  I love my Clarisonic.  I use it everyday twice a day.  This thing has truly changed the way I clean my face.  I feel since I have started using it, that it has also helped to clear up my complexion.  I won't lie this unit isn't cheap.  However its completely worth every penny.  If I travel I bring this with me everywhere I go.  If I were stranded on an island; sunscreen, chapstick and this baby would be stranded with me! I am so possessive of my baby that if my husband even THINKS of looking at my Clarisonic, I give him the "no you don't" look! 


Now Foods 100% Natural Coconut Oil - $6.29 CDN

For everyone who knows me, they know that my hair is pretty long.  It travels down all the way to the small of my back (the lower back portion).  I normally keep it picked up or braided to keep it from getting caught on everything and everyone.  Nonetheless, no matter how long your hair is and no matter if you keep it tied up or loose; nasty, dried, split ended hair never looks good.  I have tried just about every hair conditioner under the sun from very expensive and well known ones (Ojon, which I love) to normal good drugstore ones.   However after watching a youtube video (yes I know I have a problem) I saw a youtuber named Tati who mix coconut oil with Argan Oil and applied it to her hair.  She also said it made for a great body cream.  I left it in overnight, shampooed and conditioned it the next day and OMG was my hair awesome.  I have to admit this is now my go to deep conditioner.  I also went the extra step and mixed it in with olive oil.  Truth is you don't have to spend mad money in order to get a good deep conditioning for your hair.  This is working wonders for me and I just love it!  You can find coconut oil in any health food store.  Just make sure it is 100% coconut oil with no added fillers.   

Makeup Brushes

I love makeup brushes and especially the ones made by Blank Canvas Cosmetics (BCC).   The majority of you who follow me on twitter read my previous post on their 15 piece set and on their Kabuki set that I reviewed a few weeks back.  So you all know my (serious) obsession with these brushes!! If I had to recommend two it would be the F20 Flat Top Buffer Brush that works wonder to buff and/or stipple in your foundation.  It literally leaves you a flawless airbrush look like if you have no foundation on at all.

The second brush I would recommend would be the F23 Pointed Tip Face Brush.  I love this brush to blend in my concealer and/or highlighter makeup.  Due to its pointed tip, it great to angle around your nose, mouth and under eyes.  I use this brush and the F20 on a regular religious bases!!


Elta MD UVA/UVB Broad-Spectrum Protection 47 - $29.00 CDN

I NEVER leave the house without sunscreen..PERIOD.  No matter if it is winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, sunscreen is always applied on my face.  I won't go over my reasons in this post why this product is so important, however you can click here to read my blog on the dangers of the sun, its UV rays and the importance of sunscreen.  Normally when I don't wear any makeup I will wear my Elta MD sunscreen.  I love this sunscreen because it is made of all natural minerals and safe for the skin.  However I can't wear this with makeup because of the natural minerals it causes my foundation to oxidize.  So when I am wearing makeup, I use a whole different one. 

Clarins Sunscreen Stick For Sun-Sensitive Areas SPF 30 High Protection UVB/UVA - $26.00 CDN

When people apply sunscreen to their face, then tend to forget their eye area.  However the thing about liquid sunscreen is that it can seep into your eyes and cause irritation.  Trust me I should know! I have pulled that off a few times before where I ran around the house throwing cold water in my eyes wishing I had a hot poker to pull out my eyeballs due to the pain...not cool.  Therefore I went on a hunt for a more friendlier sunscreen for the eyes and came across Clarins sunscreen stick for sensitive areas.  This thing is awesome!! After I apply my normal sunscreen, I then glide this underneath my eyes, over the orbital bone and my eyelid.   I have NEVER had this product irritate my eyes or even come close to seeping into it.  If you don't apply sunscreen to your eye area or like me are deathly afraid to get sunscreen in your eye, then this product is right for you!
Soap & Glory Butter Yourself - $22.00 CD
One fabulous thing about this product is it contains AHA which is great for the skin.  AHA helps to exfoliate the skin and helps to get rid of certain issues like brown spots, dry skin, eczema, and keratosis pilaris to name a few.  However there needs to be a certain percentage of AHA in order to see a difference.  This product does not state how much AHA is in it.  This cream has a lovely smell and buttery feeling that it feels like silk on your body! I bought this back in February and it still seems as if I haven't even cracked it open.  There is so much product in there that it might be months before I go through this jar. 
Well there you have it. My 10 favorite products that I use on a regular bases that I can't do without!
Keep Smiling!

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