Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Surprise Product of the Month!

Especially Escada Elixir

Especially Escada Elixir - $58/$77/$104 CDN

When I first smelled this fragrance, it came in a shimmer body powder sample that I received from Sephora from an online order purchase.  I normally take all my samples and throw them in my draw.  However, the shimmer body powder sample was so cute that I decide to open it and wow was I in love.  I automatically took me to a beautiful faraway land where roses laid on every bush in the garden that I walked through (in my mind).  With waterfalls made of rose water that compared to simple bliss.  When I returned back to realize I was standing in my walk-in closet, I knew I had to buy it....right away. 

What amazed me about this product was how I automatically thought of roses.  It wasn't until I googled it, did I realize that the whole campaign is geared around roses and rose gardens.  The scent of this perfume really captures the campaign and the theme they are going for.  It is very light weigh yet not to florally.  It has a crisp scent that does not overpower your sense of smell and the thought of roses gardens are on your mind.  It really does remind you of walking in a field of roses.

What I also like about this bottle, is while it might look big and bulky based on its design shape it is very easy to hold and spray which is a plus for me.  I don't like perfume bottles where you need both hands to handle it.  I grabbed this with one hand and sprayed away!

After smelling this fragrance from the shimmer body powder and being captivated by its scent,  a few days later my Instyle Magazine came with a sample of it on one of the pages.  After rubbing my whole body with the torn out page (yes I know a little extreme) I knew this scent captured the very essence of me.  I decided to visit Sephora a few weeks later in order to try out the perfume in person and see how well it mixed with my body chemistry.  You see, what a lot of people take for granted is that while a certain scent may smell good on your friend and the magazine page, it may not work with your body makeup.

Case in point Candy by Prada.  Last year I asked my husband to buy me this perfume for my birthday because it smelled just amazing in my Instyle Magazine page.  He even liked it himself.  However he forgot (thank God) to buy me ANYTHING for my birthday last year.  In December we went to Sephora and I reminded him that he didn't get me anything for my birthday.  So he told me if I really wanted it, to go ahead and buy it.  However upon us smelling it again and then spraying it on me, (after walking around the store) we realized the smell completely changed and it did not all smell like what came out of the bottle.  So we went back to check the bottle and realized that the perfume on my body did not mesh.  With a broken heart, I left the store and the perfume behind. 

However when Escada came along, I made sure to spritz it on myself at Sephora and walked around with it all day long and to my surprise everyone said just how awesome it smelled on me.  Sold!!

So if you are in the market for a new scent, I highly recommend you try this out at your nearest Sephora and let me know what you think!

Keep Smiling!


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