Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Something Blue!

Lately it seems that blue eyeshadow, liner and mascara is making a bit of a come back.  Thankfully its not your 80's run of the mill look.  It is more sophisticated, tone down and just right.  Yet with all that being said, there are do's and don't's when it comes to this look.  This look is not right for everyone but can compliment many women if done right.

Blue Eyeshadow 

 1. When wearing blue anything on your eyes be realistic and don't over do it. Make sure if you are using a vibrant blue shadow that you don't over do it as well with blue eyeliner and mascara. Also if you have blue eyes, carefully about this look. If you match your eye makeup to your eye color, the whole thing might look washed out. Blue eyed people tend to stand out with their eyes. The last thing you want is for people to think "wow what is going on there my blue eyed monster" because you know it will happen. So be wise when pulling off this look.

2. The rule of makeup is (or at least I hope it still is) if you are doing your eyes then don't over do your lips and cheeks. Pick one spot on your face and play that up but don't do all. If you do, you run risk of looking like Krusty the Clown. If you are ok with that look then fine. But don't get upset if people go running in the other direction when they see you thinking you are the Long Island Clown. Go for lighter shades of pinks and neutrals depending your undertones and hair color for your lips and cheeks. It will really allow the blue eye makeup to stand out and not conflict with the rest of your face or make it look too busy.

3. Blue is a primary color so you need eye primer to keep it in place and not have it turn possibly a dark purple on you.  Also, pay attention to the blue hues you are applying and whether or not it has shimmer in it.  While a vibrant shimmer blue might look good on a younger person, however a mature adult might not be able to get away with the same effect.  So play with different color blues before you invest in one and wear it out in public.  Again, remember, Krusty the Clown.  

Blue Eyeliner

1. When wearing blue eyeliner be realistic in the look you are going for.  The last thing you want is for someone to mistake you for a 14 year old girl and I don't mean that as a compliment.  While blue eyeliner might look beautiful, it can also make you look like a clown if you don't apply it right.

2. Blue eyeliner looks great when applied to the water line and/or over your eyelid at top near your lash line.  However if you plan to wear it all over your eye, try to make the line small and tight so that it doesn't come across like you drew crayon on your face.  Above is a good example of a properly drawn eyeliner.   The liner is not too thick and the eyeshadow is very neutral to almost unnoticeable.  

3. Blue eyeliner is made in many different shades and by many different cosmetic lines.  Pick a shade that works with your eyes and skin tone color and go from there.  Remember eyeliner especially gel and liquid go bad after a 3-4 months.  So don't stock up on this (or any eyeliner for that matter) like the Armageddon is coming to town.  This is 2014 and now-a-days you can find any color of anything in makeup from just about any brand.  Also remember, blue eyeliner looks great when paired with silver and neutral colored eyeshadow.  However it does not look so hot when you pair that up with blue eyeshadow and blue mascara.  Again, don't over do it. 

Blue Mascara

1. In case you missed it, blue mascara comes out...well blue.  Keep that in mind when you buy it.  I have heard people say "oh I thought it was going to give me a slight blue tint".  No my friends, it comes out blue and in many cases very blue.  Make sure when you buy a blue mascara, that you buy one that has a good wand and good formula.  If you thought clumpy lashes looked bad with black mascara, well blue mascara takes the trophy on this look.  So apply it right and don't over coat your lashes unless you want those clumps to be very noticeable.

2. When wearing blue mascara, its advisable that you ditch your eyeliner regardless of the color for this look.  Blue mascara will give your eyes a very pretty look that is bold but not overpowering.  However if you wear eyeliner with it as well, it will over do your look and compete with your mascara instead of allowing your eyes to pop. 

3. Blue mascara comes in many different colors and again made by many different brands.  Test them out (on your hand please, not your eyes...ill, gross) and see what shades you think will go right with you. 

Blue Mascara also needs to be applied to a neutral eyeshadow, lips and cheeks.  Blue mascara will make your eyes pop and be the focus point of your look.  No need to over do it as the mascara speaks for itself.  


Remember, blue eyeshadow, liner and mascara doesn't always work on blue eyed people.   Part of wearing blue makeup is paying attention to your eye color.  However there are exceptions to every (makeup) rule.  In this picture Taylor is wearing blue eyeliner with black mascara and a neutral tone eyeshadow.  Her cheeks and lip color is neutral so attention is only drawn to her eyes.  

Your eye color and skin tone will dictate a lot of what type of colors go good with your face. So experiment, but if after all that it still doesn't work for you then walk away. There are many other colors to play with and blue isn't the only one.

However if you fail to listen to good wisdom and still decide to do it blue all the way regardless of what anyone tells you, then its always good to have Krusty's phone number on speed dial for makeup advise.  

Eh, just not a good look Catherine...just not a good look.....

 Keep Smiling!


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  1. I've got blue eyes and I've worn blue eyeliner for YEARS. It's subtle and not extreme by any means. It's not as harsh-looking on me as black is.

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. I think you said the key word which is "subtle" and hence why you pulled it off for years :-)

  2. Great tips, Dayana! I'm not sure I can get into the blue shadow or mascara but the eyeliner looks cool. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Not gonna lie, Anne the most I can do is the blue eyeliner and very subtle. The eyeshadow not really my cup of tea either and the mascara...still working my way up on that one lol


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