Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Spotlight of the Month!

 March's Spotlight! 

Soap & Glory Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em Body Exfoliator - $18.00 CDN

I go to Shoppers Drugmart very often.  Its a fabulous place to shop at for basically all your toiletry needs! On my most recent trips, I decided that I need a good body scrub.  Now don't get me wrong, I bathe everyday with a body wash and pouf, however this time I wanted something that smelled good and had scrubing action in it!

Upon looking in the body wash section I came across this lovely pink tub of Soap and Glory.  Now, I have to admit, I have seen this product before, but for some reason I kept confusing it with Benefit Cosmetics.  Why!? I have no clue....maybe I need better contacts or just a better perception of name brands around me!! I mean its not like Benefit actually makes bath products and its not I don't use their products.   Again better perception....or more sleep!!

Nonetheless, I pick up the tub, read it and opened it! OMG the smell that came from this pink lovely jar was mind blowing.  I swear I died and woke up in fruit land paradise!  I think people thought I was a (product) junkie because I just stood there sniffing this!!  This smells like a basket of tropical fruit in such a relaxing way.  I took it home and decided I needed yet another shower that day...well just cause I had to try it!!

I read online from a few reviews of people complaining that this scrub would slip off off their body and found this annoying.  Duh!! It is a soap scrub, what did you expect it to stick like mud!?  Nonetheless for those having a hard time understanding how scrubs work, allow me to talk you through it.

1. wash yourself down with water.

2. Once you are nice and wet, step out from underneath the shower head!

3. Once the shower head is pointing down and no longer hitting you, attempt to open up the jar.

4. Once you have the jar open scoop out two fingers worth of product.

5. Rub the product between both hands and apply it carefully to your wet body.

6. Repeat step 4 & 5 till you are covered in scrub!

7. Step back underneath the shower head and wash yourself off.

8. Check scrub to make sure you didn't get water in it before you close the cap.  If you did, turn it over and let the water rinse out and then close tight.

9. Dry yourself off and use body cream!

10. Get dressed!

This scrub really goes a long way.  I was able to scoop out two fingers worth of scrub for all of my upper body and another two fingers worth for all my lower body.  However as stated in point 8, a bit of water did get into the scrub from my wet hand.  So make sure to pour out any water before closing the jar.  If not you run the risk of messing up the consistency by watering it down.

When I came out the shower and put clothes on, people were still able to smell my wonderfulness :-) This scrub left my skin feeling so silky smooth, that when I applied it in the shower, I already felt how moisturizing it was.  All day long I could smell and feel my skin so hydrated! Though I applied my usual body cream; I realized that my skin felt soft even before the body cream came along. 

However with that being said, here is my disclaimer about this product.  If you don't like strong smells or smells that linger, then this scrub is not for you.  While I will not say that this scrubs' smell is overpowering, however it is strong in a fruity kinda way.  So if strong smells aren't for you, then walk on cause you won't like this.  However if you love your bath products to scent you in the same way perfume does, then go ahead and buy this scrub.  Not only will you smell good all day, but your skin will feel soft and moisturized! 

Keep Smiling!


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