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Feburary Favorites!

Feburary Favorites!

Well, as you can see I am bit behind in posting this as the first few weeks of February have been non stop for me.  Nonetheless here it is, my February Favorites!  

Avon Totally Kissable Natural Glow - $4.99 - $9.99 CDN

I love this lipstick.  It gives you a prefect nude lip without making it look too beige or pink.  It glides on smooth and very creamy.  This weather has been more then harsh and dry lips have a new sported look on many (including me)!  Nonetheless, this lipstick didn't settle into the fine lines of my lips or make my dry lips stand out.  Just love the texture and color!

Especially Escada Shimmer Body Powder

I received a sample size of this with a purchase from Sephora.  Not only is this body shimmer beautiful but the smell is amazing.  It reminds me of walking in a field of spring roses with rose flowing water.  You HAVE to smell this for yourself.  It has got to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever smelled! I went to Sephora to try and purchase this body shimmer only to find out that at the moment you can only buy it in perfume form (which I plan to do)!  Nonetheless, you can find sample sizes of this for sell on Amazon and Ebay.  

 Clarisonic Aria Glowing Collection with Josie Maran

I have heard about Clarisonic forever, however coughing up a little over $200 bucks for this awesome device was just a bit out of my reach....till now.  I decided that I wanted to buy myself a Valentine's Day gift,  and this was going to be it! Not only does it have a beautiful pink color to this handheld device, but this also came with a lovely case plus a set of Josie Maran products. I have to say I love my Clarisonic!  My skin looks amazing after every wash and my makeup comes off fully versus just hand washing which leaves some residue behind. While I would love to recommend a Clarisonic to everyone, however I know the price tag is a bit steep.  Nonetheless if you can afford to splurge on one, then go for it.  If not, then look into buy a good but inexpensive facial brush that rotates to add to your skincare routine.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed! Note: This one above is no longer for sale! :-(

NYX a La Mode Eyeshadow Palette - $10 USA
This eyeshadow has four lovely shimmer colors with four matte colors.  This palette is perfect for a black or brown smokey eye look.  I have used it a few times and have achieved some amazing results with this palette. I would highly recommend, if you don't know how to do a smokey eye effect then its best you youtube it! If not, your smokey eye can look more like a black eye effect and really its not cute!  I highly recommend this palette and for the price you can get two amazing smokey eye effects!

Mac Prep + Prime Lip - $19 CDN

 I have to admit, while I am still not a Mac lover of everything, they do without a shadow of a doubt have some amazing products worth buying.  This lip primer made my lipstick and lip gloss go on smoothly.  I am not sure if it actually held my lip color on longer; nonetheless, it does condition your lips and gives it a nice smooth feel!

Physician Formula Nude Palette - $15.79

I have been dying to get the Urban Decay Naked Palettes.  However after spending a little over $200 on a Clarisonic, I think I might have to wait a few months before I can buy all three.  However, upon reading reviews, I saw that Physician Formula Nude Palette has a lot of the same colors that the UD palettes has.  So I bought I it and tried it out! I will say this, while I love the colors of this palette and the adorable packaging, you need primer in order to make this product stand out.  The colors, though beautiful are not super pigmented and need help in order to make them shine through.  So make sure if you buy this palette you wear it on top of aprimer to make it last and stand out. 


Buxom Full-On Lip Polish is such an amazing lip gloss.  It goes on smoothly, doesn't stick to your hair when it falls in your face and taste lovely.  While I will admit, I do feel some tingling sensation when I put it on, however it really didn't plump up on my lips.  However if you are in the market for a new lip gloss, then I would recommend trying this!

Keep Smiling!


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