Monday, March 17, 2014

Favorite Product of the Week! Soleil Tan de Chanel

Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer - $51.00 CDN

Upon my most recent trip to the Fairview Mall I decided to stop by my two favorite stores; Sephora  and The Hudson Bay cosmetic counter.  I visit Sephora monthly (lies more like weekly) to browse and/or buy products that I run out of and need a refill for.  Or just to shop...I mean who am I really kidding!!  However, Sephora in the States seems to carry some products that are not sold in their Canadian Stores.  Hence why I thank God for Holt Renfrew and The Hudson Bay who carry these amazing high end brands.  

However with all that being said, lets get something straight.  Just because a product has a high end name brand on it, doesn't mean it worth the container the product holds. I won't buy high end or low end brands unless the product really gives me something to talk about.  Case and point, mascara.  I have a draw filled of samples and full size maracas and I still find myself only reaching for two out of all of them.  L'oreal's Telescopic Mascara and Perspectives False Eyelash Plush Mascara.  (However I have heard that Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara really gives you a run for your money.  I will review it when I get around to buying it.)

I contour and highlight my face every time I go out.  After learning on how to make your face two and three dimensional, the thought of not doing this and having my makeup look flat is just to much for me to handle.  With the summer coming upon us, I decided when it came to my products I wanted to have two sets; a powder set and a cream set.  For my contouring I have a cream foundation I use to draw the lines and contour my face with.  When it came time to bronzer I was using Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer which I love.   However I didn't have anything in cream form and realized I need to get one.  

I watch youtube like a full on addicted to it!  I normally have a day during the week where I binge watch on all the people I am subscribed to for makeup tutorials.  One of the things that I noticed is that a lot of them had Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer for applying on top of their contouring.  So off I went to The Bay in order to find this Chanel counter and buy this product.

When the sales lady showed me the product, I asked her if they had a lighter color as it seemed really dark for my skin tone. She informed me that this color was universal and every skin tone can use and benefit from it.  I was a bit leery about trying something so dark on my ghostly fair pale skin (don't let my profile pic fool you, that was taken in a dark ballroom at night) that I almost walked away on the spot.  However I decided to stop my stupidity and fear of the unknown and give it a shot.  She allowed me to use it to contour the lines on my face and gave me a brush to blend it in with!  As I applied it on my face, I realized that it went on smooth and light and not like a dark rash.  It blended in well and no harsh lines were visible.  This product truly gave me that lovely glowing suntan look just without all the UV ray damage.  It didn't look dirty or to brown and a little goes a long way.  I applied it with a foundation wand brush and then blended it in with their Chanel contouring brush that they recommended getting.  However I have my own contouring brush at home which works just as well and did the job just as great. 

You see the problem with bronzers is that if it is not formulated properly, then the color comes across as mutty and dirty.  Or in some cases like a girl who fell asleep under the sun tanning bed way to long and now your fake tan looks more like "shake and burnt"!  

So, if you are looking for a new cream bronzer, then I highly recommend this product due to its soft, smooth, velveting texture and blend-ability. 

 Lastly I have seen and heard all over the youtube community that everyone is looking for this Chanel Angled Powder Brush, however they have not been able to acquire one as it has been sold out.  Yet fear not my makeup brush lovers, The Hudson Bay currently has it on sale and they are in stock!  I am not sure if they ship outside of Canada, however its worth a shot to find out if you really want this brush!

Keep Smiling!


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