Friday, March 28, 2014

Declutter your Makeup Bag/Drawer!

Let set the record straight.  First, just because I write a beauty blog doesn't actually mean I have tons and tons of makeup.  While I do try things and test stuff that I feel in my opinion is worthy,  that doesn't mean I always keep it all.   My nanny's daughter loves the fact that I often send her mom home with a goodie bag just for her filled with makeup I barely or have never used!

I am all about finding that right product that works for you and only switching it up when something new and better comes along.  However, I have also been known to get bored of something and go hunting for something new just to see if what is currently out there can match the product(s) I am using at the moment.

Nonetheless for many people and I do include myself in this post, we can at times start hoarding things and thus we have a makeup avalance of crap we no longer need, use or just have way to much of.  So lets take a look at things that you might have in your makeup bag or drawer and see how much of each we really need.


Lets be real.  How many shades of pinks, nudes and reds can one really need?  I get it if you want to have every color of each under the sun.  However I find it crazy when you see someone with 20 lipsticks/glosses of reds just in different shades.  At some point we all have to know when we hit the crazy lipstick boat.  

If used everyday, lipstick and glosses can last anywhere between 2-3 months before you deplete the tube.  So be realistic.  If you have over 20 different lipsticks or glosses, how long do you actually think it will take you to go through that?!  Awhile.  Also lipstick and gloss does expire at some point.  It is recommended that after 1-2 years you toss it and buy it new.    

A tip of advise. Go through your drawers and makeup bags and see which ones you are really wearing, which need to be tossed and which ones you can give away.  Pick your favorite shades and the ones you wear the most and get rid of the rest. You shouldn't really have more then 3-5 lipsticks/glosses at a time.  With that amount, you should be able to get through the year and then some. 


Mascara is mascara is mascara.  I refuse to spend good money on mascara when its all the same. (Click here to read my blog on this).   You shouldn't really have more then two open tubes of mascara at once.  Mascara dries out very fast and should only be kept for 2-4 months before you need to toss it.  If not you run the risk of eye infections and bacteria build up in the tube.  Don't collect mascara for any reason.  Check the tubes often and pay attention to the smell.  If it smells weird and no longer like that mascara smell, then toss it....quickly.  Unless you are looking for a potentially eye infection...then go for it!  However if you care about the health of your eyes, then no point in hoarding or keeping this product.  Hand's down L'oreal is known for its amazing mascaras that rival even the high end brands.  So if you feel bad tossing pricey mascara, then don't buy price mascara when its all the same crap and get good drugstore brands that will leave you with eyes to kill.

Also, don't lend out your mascara. If you are no longer using it but it is in good condition then toss it out anyway.  Don't give it away.  It is not sanitary to let other people use your mascara let along give it away after using it due to the potentially spread of bacteria and germs.  I know for some of you out there tossing anything is hard and you would rather give it away (or keep it).  However think about it like this...would you lean out your contacts or tampons and then ask for them back once they been used or worn?  Gross I know....but that is effectively what you are doing when others use your mascara.  So toss it...period. 


Unless you tan during the summer, then you only need ONE of each.  Foundation, concealers and highlighters, especially if they are cream products since they go bad quickly.  They normally last nine months to a year.  There is no point in having four different bottles of foundation if you can only wear one at a time.  However with that being said, if you tan during the summer, then you do need a different shade to work with your skin tone.  However again you only need two sets.  One for the summer and another one for the rest of the year.   Throw out any foundation, concealer or highlighter that is separating or looks like it old enough to be your grandmothers'.  After a year, its time to invest in new products.  If not you run the risk of clogging your pores and having your foundation oxidize on you which will make you look orange.


I personally own a complete cream set and powder set of makeup.  I like using the cream for the winter and the powders for the summer.  Nonetheless, I don't own a massive amount of each either.  If you wear blush and/or bronzer; whether you have it in cream or powder form, its best you have no more then two of each.  In reality how many blushers and bronzers do you really need? You can only wear one color at a time unless you like combining your blushes (why)??  I blend my bronzer and blush in together to get a sun kiss blush effect, however I only have one of each in the cream and powder form.  

So, if you are like me who likes to wear both together, now you can get compacts that have the blush and bronzer combined together or neatly separated in nice compartments. 

 Face Powder

 When it comes to face powder, unless you are applying this with a measuring cup and dousing you face with it, then you only need ONE.  One loose or pressed face powder should last you awhile.  I have been using mine for almost a year and I am still not even half way thorough the bottle.  This is one of those products that having multiples of does not make sense.  You can only apply one face powder at a time unless you like that powder cake look effect.  Also, face powder normally comes in either translucent or with a bit of color to it.  However since it is not compact foundation but face powder, the color doesn't really make a difference on your face.  So buy one.  But buy one good one that is finely milled so that when applied you don't see the powder even at a close distance.  I love Chanel's face powder.  It is so finely milled that you literally see nothing on your face when applied.  It just makes your makeup look beautiful. 


Ok so when it comes to eyeshadow...I am torn.  I am torn because I love eyeshadow palettes.  I love neutral, smokey eye and certain hues of pinks and purples.  However with all that being said, I don't have a vast collection either.  At the end of the day there are only so many neutral colors you can have before you realize that you basically have them all.  Don't be a hoarder.  While it may be tempting to get the latest limited edition eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay (I mean after all they do make awesome palettes) however are you really going to wear some if any of their Electric Palette colors!?

Buy what you need and use it up.  Many of these palettes aren't going anywhere so don't waste money collection eyeshadows you are never going to wear or use.  They take up a lot of drawer space and if they fall, they break easily.  I try to buy palette colors that I know I will use often and are versatile.

Spend your money wisely and don't clutter your drawers up.

Face and Eye Primer

When it comes to primers, again you only need one for your face and one for your eyes.  Having a drawer full of them is useless.  You don't see a primer when applied.  Its only goal is to make your makeup last longer.  You really need to invest in just one good primer for your  face and eyes and that it is.  To have any more then that is just a waste of money.  You know it and I know it.  Admit it.


I own four colored eyeliners. One black, brown, white and flesh tone. I have two liquid eyeliners. One in black and brown. I have four soft and kohl eye pencils in black, brown, flesh tone and white. I have two gel liners in black and brown. Now you may be asking why so many. Well since eyeliner comes in gel, liquid, soft pencil and kohl pencil I decided to have one of each in order to get whatever certain eye look I was going for that day. However as you see from above I only still have two of each. Besides the pencils that I have in four different colors, the rest are black and brown.

Decide what type of eyeliner you want to have and pick your colors from there.  But again, be real.  You don't need six black gel eyeliners.  A gel eyeliner is a gel eyeliner.  Its going to give you the same look no matter how you apply it.  Yes some companies have crappy formula's which is apparent in their product once you apply it.  However, you can always do your research ahead of time before you get stuck buying crap.  Keep in mind eyeliners go bad as well.  So don't stock up on gel or liquid eyeliners when you know they will dry up in about 4-6 months.  Its a waste of money and frankly a waste of drawer space.

Makeup Brushes

I currently own makeup brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  I bought a set of fifteen brushes for $130 back in January.  I love makeup brushes and how in the last few years have been made so affordable, with great quality and very accessible to the general public who do not work in makeup.  

Yet with all that being said, be real.  You don't need five blush brushes or six crease brushes.  You only have two hands and can use one brush at a time.  Invest in a set that gives you good quality, great price and brushes that will fit your needs.  No need in buying sets that have multiples of many of the same brushes.  Find a set that is designed to specific uses.  Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Sigma Beauty offer great brush at good rates and clearly tell you what each brush is for.  So do your homework and find out what brushes you need to get the look you are trying to achieve with your makeup.  Once you figure this out, then you know what brushes you need and which you can wash, sanitize and give away because truly all those will do is take up container space if you are not using them.

However if all else fails then just keep this in mind......

Keep Smiling!


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  1. Lots of great advice! I can see I have some work to do, LOL! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. A couple of important lessons here. First, overbuying anything is bad. My weaknesses are books and yarn. Second, knowing when to throw out. Too many of us keep makeup too long. Yuk. I am going to be sharing this. Alana from the UBC.


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