Monday, January 27, 2014

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tan Mousses!

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tan Mousse- $54/$64 CDN

I refuse to tan with the rays of the sun due to the damage that this does to your skin and causes premature wrinkles. Click here to read my blog on how I explained how dangerous this process really is.  Nonetheless, due to this, I walk around Casper white all year around.  However thank goodness for companies like Vita Liberata who make products to give you the same result that sun tanning does with the negative effects of it. 

Anyone who seriously knows me, knows that I am addicted to Sephora.  My own husband has no idea how deep my addiction goes (shhhh!!).  On my most recent online shopping "trips", I had the option of checkout with free samples.  One of these samples was a generous supply of Vita Liberata's tanning mousse in the color medium that came with a free mitt! When I finally received my package at home, I was shocked to see just how big this sample size was.  I decided to wait till the weekend to use it.  Now just so you know what I am working with here, my skin is very pale and thin.  So that means you see the veins on my legs, arms and chest with no problems at all which is really not attractive during the summer months.

So, after putting all the kids to bed, I read the the instructions on the back of the bottle and away I went.  I first exfoliated my legs in the shower with my puff as they recommend to do. I then dried then off and got the mitt out and applied the product to the mitt.  It comes out like a very dark mousse from the bottle which at first freaked me out.  However once I applied it, I realize that it left a nice stain on my skin letting me know which areas I had applied it to and which areas still needed application.  I used this tanning mousse the whole time with my tanning mitt glove that was included in the package.  I applied it on my legs in circular massaging motions as they stated.  I covered the tops of feet and toes (don't forget those toes) my legs, knees and thighs.  I applied it on both the front and back of legs with ease.  This product dried right away with NO smell which was great.  It did not stain my sheets at night and my skin didn't feel grease, gritty, or dirty.  I could immediately see the tan slightly forming. There was no greenish or orange look that many self tanner leave behind.

When I woke up the next morning, I literally threw off the covers to see my legs.  My legs looked they were either tanned by the sun or if I was naturally born that way.  I ran around all day asking my husband if he see the tan on my legs and admiring them in the mirror.  I was amazed for the first time, my veins were not as visible as they usually are.  My legs looked even, not blotchy or streaked. 

However, I did notice that I had one streak, but that was my fault.  The instructions clearly say to massage the product in to your skin by using circular motions, and one time I swiped up instead of doing as stated.  Therefore that mistake is my own.  However outside of that, it looked great.

I will admit I didn't reapply it 2-3 times more because I had the product in the color medium.  And being so fair skin, I didn't want my legs to look so tanned while the rest of me was white. I don't think that would looking convincing or natural.  I plan to buy this product in the color fair in the summer so that way I can apply it the 2-3 times as stated in order to make it last longer.  

If you are looking for a good self tanner then this is it! It comes in three colors: Fair, Medium and Dark to suit all tastes! Read the instructions properly, use the mitt and it is a for sure thing that you will get a nice glowing tan!  You can pick one of these great self tanners up at your nearest Sephora!

Keep smiling!

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