Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review of The Week! Paula's Choice Liquid Lipstick Collection

Paula's Choice Liquid Lipstick Collection - $45 US (limited edition)

I recently ordered my Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Collection system and with it came this free gift.  A Paula's Choice Limited Edition Liquid Lipstick Collection.  It came in a pretty black box with four liquid lipsticks.   The colors in this gift box set are very sheer and not full coverage.  So if you are expecting this to cover like a normal lipstick would, then I would advise you actually buy normal lipstick.  However if you want something very light and sheer then this is just right for you.  It is in between a very light colored lipstick and a lip gloss.  This does not feel stick or gooey like many lip glosses do or did in the past.  If your hair falls by your face it doesn't get caught in your lips or streak across your face as you pull your hair strands away.  It has great staying power and little travel when you eat or drink.  I was able to get a good number of hours with this liquid lipstick on before I needed to touch it up.  However I also decided to use it with my Mac Prep & Prime primer for the lips to make it last even longer.

This liquid lipstick comes in four different colors:

Vintage Pink is a sheer classic pink with a soft touch to it.  It reminds me of Spring due to its light pink color.  

Cherry Red seems very vibrant in the bottle, however once on your lips it comes across with a soft light touch that has an added shimmer that you can see in the tub but very sheer.  

 Watermelon Pink has a soft pink tone to it with a coral look that is very slight to the sight but yet still noticeable.  

Festive Rose is a light pink rose color that that is more subtle in tone then vintage pink.  

Nonetheless all these colors are very sheer and you would need to add a great deal to get full coverage.  I for one love lip gloss.  Not a big fan of lipstick.  However since these are in between, they are a full winner for me!  Moreover they stay on your lips like lipstick and the sheer part is what I love the most!  They also don't feel sticky and if your hair gets caught in your mouth it doesn't leave behind an F1 racetrack streak across your face.

Sadly, they are no longer available on Paula's Choice website, however their is talk that they might come back during the year for sale.

Keep Smiling!

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