Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review of The Week! Ben Nye Banana Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder- $10.71/$14.99/$27.82 US

Enough cannot be said about this banana powder so I will try to keep it small so that I don't bore you with the details.  Ben Nye has created a series of powders currently known as Bella Luxury Powders.  These powders were created for people who work on stage and in front of the cameras to help keep their makeup on from perspiration.  Moreover, these powders are finely milled and comparable to French silk powders. They have a luxurious feel and when shaken in the bottle seem to have a silk like effect as when waves move in the ocean. Its hard to explain until you shake the bottle, but truly they move like fine silk.  They currently come in four shades, Banana, Beige Suede, Buff and Cameo. However the most famous of these is the Banana powder and here's why.  

When Kim Kardashian's makeup artist posted a picture of her sporting this mysterious powder, it became an instant hit.  Now-a-days, anything a celebrity uses automatically becomes an instant hit.  Whether that hit last for a long or short time is a different story.  Nonetheless, this banana powder is the secret to Kim's highlighted areas on her face.

For those who contour and highlight their makeup, this powder works wonders for highlighting the eyes and below the check bones. You apply this powder on your highlighted areas with a sponge wedge, beauty blender or makeup brush and let it sit for 2-5 minutes on your face.  Then you brush off the excess powder and wow what a difference it makes. This powder also has other benefits which is that it can be used to set your concealer. Once you put this powder on, it leaves your highlighted areas with  a beautiful halo glow.  You can also use this powder as an overall powder for your face.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that this powder does contain talc which is the first ingredient.  So if you are allergic or do not agree with putting talc on your face, then this product is not for you.

Now, a word of caution.  This banana powder does not look good on all skin types. Therefore Ben Nye Bella Luxury powders come in different colors. Its best to find the shade that work for your skin color before you end up looking raccoon eyed.  This banana powder does have a bit of a yellow tone. So if you are fair skin, go easy on how much you apply.  For those like me who have fair skin, this banana powder made me look jaundice.  Not a cute look to sport if you ask me.  However for fair skin people, the Bella Luxury Powder that works well is cameo or beige suede.  Some fair skin people are able to get away with using the banana powder.  But if your undertone is yellow and you are fair skin, trust me this will not work for you as it already leaves a yellow tone to the skin when applied.

Camera Ready Cosmetics currently sells these products at an amazing deal. If you are not sure how to use this powder then youtube (yes I said it) and you will see many different people showing and explaining the advantages of this powder.  This powder comes in three different sizes, 1.5 oz, 3 oz and 8 oz.  1.5 oz & 3 oz come in a shaker bottle.  You easily pour some in the cap and apply it with your beauty tool.  However the 8 oz does not come in a shaker but has a wide open mouth top.  This makes it hard to apply unless you dip your makeup brush right into the bottle which may not be so hygienic.  Whichever size you decide to buy will supply you with a nice amount of powder that should last you more then a year.  Since very little is needed, you can easily use this product time and time again before needing to order another one.  Nonetheless whatever oz size you buy you will not be disappointed with the effects of this powder.

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