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January's Spotlight of The Month!

January's Spotlight!

Chella Heated lash Curler- $20 US

First, Happy New Years! This is the first blog post of 2014! I hope you all had a great New Years and hopefully didn't drink to much so you can remember it!

Now on to January's Spotlight of The Month!

Canada has something called Boxing Day which falls on the 26th of December of every year. It is a national holiday so everyone gets the day off! That is everyone who doesn't work in retail! Basically Boxing Day is used to get rid of any merchandise that was not sold during the Christmas season at a ridiculously reduced price.  I decided to go shopping the day after boxing day, the 27th of December because I knew the sales would still be on.  I mean why go on the 26th and possibly get stampeded at the mall with all the crazy shoppers, when I can gladly go the next day, still get the sales and not end up having to sport an arm or leg cast! 

Upon walking into the Hudson Bay with my new friend, we saw an aisle next to the perfumes section that was selling Chella products which I had never heard of before.  We stopped to look at the bin and realized that they were selling these Chella Heated lash Curlers for 75% off.  Now I have always wanted a heated eyelash curler but couldn't justify paying anywhere between $20-$75 for one.  Since I have never used one before I was hesitant on investing on something I might not like or simply might not work.  However my friend insisted I take one to the cashier to see how much it cost. When she rung it up, the price came out to $1.25. Yes you read right, $1.25! So I bought two!! I was so excited I could hardly wait to use it! As soon as I got home I read the instructions, googled and youtube it to make sure I was using it right. I know that sounds a bit OCD, but not for nothing, it is a heated instrument you are putting next to your eyes. So I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to accidentally burn off my lashes or corneas at this rate!  

Everything I read and saw said that you first have to apply your mascara and turn your wand on for 20 seconds to let it heat up before using. I use Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum first when applying mascara as a primer and then I used Prescriptives False Eyelashes Plush Mascara on top of that. So needless to say, my eyelashes were already reaching the roof.  So, since I already had mascara on from going out that day, step 1 was already done.  So I moved on to step 2. I turned the wand on, waited the 20 seconds and gently (freaking out of my mind) put the wand to the base of my lashes for 5-10 seconds and slowly moved the wand up to the top of my lashes.  I used it for the bottom lashes as well.  I ran this on my top lashes anywhere between 2-3 times max and 1-2 times max for the bottom ones.  I will admit, I was expecting my lashes to come right off burned to a cinder and me screaming how my eye lids came right off with it. Thank goodness my imagination is nowhere next to reality more then half the time.  

When I was done with both the top and bottom lashes, I was amazed at the results.  My top lashes literally looked like I had just gotten extensions done and my bottom ones were very visible as well.  I have to say this lifted my top lashes by almost 100%.  I have never, even with mascara, seen something like this.  My lashes were nicely separately, seemed fuller, thicker and longer.  

The heat part was nothing.  While you did feel some heat coming off the wand (after all it is called a heated lash curler) it never hurt, burned or felt to hot to the touch.  When on, the light indicator turns green and goes off once you shut off it. You need one AAA+ battery to make it work.  The box did come with one, however I read online that you need to replace this battery every 10-14 days.  So make sure you stock up at your nearest Costco on batteries if you plan to use this device often.  

Many people asked if heated lash curlers were safe.  From what I read they seem to be, however to much prolonged use may cause your eyelashes to fall out prematurely.  And while we all know that the average eyelash cycle causes them to fall out normally every 60-90 days, still don't run this wand over your lashes more then 2-3 times on any given day.  Eyelashes and heat is the same concept to the hair on your head. To much blow drying and flat ironing can give you that "oh I burned my hair to a crisp" look.  So tread carefully and use according to the Chella heated eye lash curler instructions.  I would also recommend using an eye cream during the day and night to condition your lashes just like you would your hair due to the heat that is applied to it.  While the heat is minimal and according to the instructions that come in the box poses no danger to your skin, your eyelashes are a different story.

I love this Chella Heated Lash Curler and plan to use it often when I apply mascara.  For the $1.25 that it cost me, I have got to say that was a sweet deal! Thank you Boxing Day!

Keep Smiling!

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