Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Favorite Product of The Week! Sigma Extended Wear Eye Liners

One thing I love is eyeliner.  When done right (and not like Elvira Mistress of the Dark) it can really highlight your eyes without needing much else makeup on the rest of the face. Eyeliner has the ability to give you a soft eye look or a very dramatic look to set you apart from the rest.

When I look for eyeliners, I try to make sure I have different types as each one offers a different look. I currently own gel eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, soft pencil eyeliners, crayon eyeliners and kohl eyeliners. Depending on what type of look I am going for will depend which one I pick up.  However it wasn't until this year that I started branching out into colored eyeliners that weren't just black.  With that being said, I am a very neutral kinda of gal when it comes to makeup.  So my current colors are black, brown, white and nude.  I am slowing branching out into other colors, but for right now these will do.

I currently tried a new eyeliner from a company called Sigma Beauty that is stationed out in England. I heard about them after watching a youtube video (yes I am addicted to youtube, I admit it!!) and saw a girl using their brushes.  I decided to google the company and came upon these beauties!

In November, Sigma was offering free shipping for 2 days anywhere in the world! So I decided to jump on that and order their eyeliner in the color 'balance' (brown).  I noticed they had other ones, but I first wanted to try one eyeliner before I committed to them.  You know its kinda like a first date. You first want to take the car out for a spin before you commit to entering into a relationship with them. And no I am not talking about sex here! Geez where is your mind!! Back here!

The day I received this eyeliner, I was actually giving a small talk at a medical seminar that night. So I decided to try this eyeliner out. This eyeliner was easy to apply and went on smooth, creamy and did not smudge.  It  has a fine point which allows you to draw a straight line without much hassle. This eyeliner held out all night while I spoke at the conference when the (emotional) heat was on. 

Their eyeliners come in nine different colors which all seem suitable to wear on a normal everyday occasion. The colors are bright and vibrant without being to over the top.  The eyeliner I bought (balance) was brown with a hint of sparkle to it which I was not too crazy about. However unless you are standing very up close to me (hello personal space!?) you can't see it at all.  This brown eyeliner really emphasized my eyes without making them seem too dramatic.  I generally favor black eyeliner, but I realized with brown eyeliner, it allows you to tone down your look if you don't want it to be to noticeable. 

I highly recommend this company if you are in the market for a new eyeliner!

Keep Smiling!


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