Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Favorite Product of The Week! Prescriptives False Eyelashes Plush Mascara

Prescriptives False Eyelashes Plus Mascara $22 US

The first makeup brand I ever used growing up was Prescriptives (PX).  I remember being taken to Bloomingdales by my friend who I worked with at a law firm on Wall Street in NYC.  She wore this brand exclusively and recommended it.  Upon walking into Bloomingdales at my young impressionable age of seventeen years old, I was amazed at the amount of makeup counters that exist from all different brands.  I remember wondering "how does anyone ever really decide on a brand?" Thank goodness I had her to navigate me through this scary world of colors!  This was the place where I received my first ever foundation and was hooked from that moment on.

 PX opened its doors for the first time in 1979 and then closed it doors in 2009.  Many loyal fans, including myself were upset to say the least.  It left us scrambling looking for a new brand when in reality nothing was wrong with the old one.  I felt lost and displaced.  I had used PX since I was 17 years old and in 2009 at the age of 28 I didn't even know where to start. It kinda felt like that person who has been in the same relationship for so many years and now its ended and struggling to get back out there in the scary world of dating.  Needless to say, this truly did feel like a breakup and what made it worse was that it wasn't on my part.  Therefore I felt like I was cheating every time I tried something new!

In 2011 PX relaunched itself exclusively online and brought back the majority of its skincare and makeup products.  I recently ordered their Magic Liquid Powder.  Along with that order came three free samples and one of them was the PX False Eyelashes Plus Mascara.

 I had never heard of it and decided to throw it in my sample draw and walk away.  About a week later I was googling the net and read a lot of reviews on this product and heard how great it was.  So I decided to pull it out my sample draw and try it on. Boy was I amazed at the results.  This literally separated each and every one of my lashes.  It made them plump and full and stand out without looking clumpy, flaking or smudging.

However with all that being said, I have worn this mascara two different ways. First, with my Dior lash primer and then without the lash primer and both times my eyelashes were fuller, thicker and nicely separated.  This wand feels like it grabs each lash and coats it nicely, evenly and without allowing them to get stuck together. This mascara comes in two different shades: black and brown.  It comes in a long silver tube with a opaque white handle and easy to handle.  

I normally do not buy maraca that is not L'Oreal.  However this is the first non drugstore mascara that I have ever tried and actually liked. I highly recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking to achieve fuller, thicker lashes that are separated at every strand.  This truly does give the effect that you are wearing false eyelashes just real ones!

The only draw back is that PX is only sold in the USA and will not ship outside the country.  However you can find this mascara on ebay.ca for a good price from other sellers.  This is my new HG for mascara.  

Happy Hunting!


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