Friday, January 10, 2014

Favorite Product of The Week! E.L.F. Stipple Brush

E.L.F. Stipple Brush- $3.00 US

I have never heard of a stippled brush until I saw it on Youtube!  I then realized that E.L.F. was selling one for three dollars and had some awesome reviews.  So I decided that I had to try it.

I currently own a beauty blender, kabuki brush and foundation brush for applying my foundation.  I have to admit, I mostly use my beauty blender due the the amazing coverage and flawless appearance it gives me.  However I wanted to try a stipple brush to see just how it worked.  It took about two weeks to arrive at my home from the E.L.F. store in NYC.  But as soon as it came, I went right to using it.  

At first glance, the brush has a good shape which allows you to hold it fairly easily.  The bristles are nice, soft and fairly long.  I decided I wanted to try it for blending in my contouring and highlighting (C& H) makeup.  I was first concerned because while the brush has some great qualities, I expected the head of the brush to have more bristles in it.  It looks more fuller in pictures then it did in person.  However when I started mixing and blending my C & H makeup, I noticed how nicely it did the job.  Everything blended in together greatly.  There were no lines left behind or streaks.  It worked well all over my face and left me with just the finish I wanted. 

The brush was very easy to clean.  I simply used baby shampoo with lukewarm water and wash it clean in the sink the night before.  I laid it down on a towel to dry and by the next morning it was ready to go again.  I expected some shedding, however I didn't notice any.  

I would recommend this brush for applying your foundation and for C & H. 

Keep Smiling!

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