Thursday, January 30, 2014

Favorite Product of The Week! Beauty Blender Sponge

Beauty Blender- $26.00 CDN

My first foundation sponge was of course none other then those white wedge sponges that at one point everyone including makeup artist used to apply foundation.  When I realized that Prescriptives was selling a foundation brush, that was the  first time I had ever tried one.  So I bought it and used for over 10 years.  When kabuki brushes came out, I knew I had to try that so I rushed out and got one as well.  I used that one for about a year, but still was never satisfied with how my makeup ever looked with any of those foundation applicator tools.  That is until I heard, bought and tried the beauty blender sponge.

Out of all the tools I have used in my life to apply my foundation and concealer, nothing has worked as well as my beauty blender.  I cannot say enough about this product.  This sponge works like magic. It makes my foundation go on smoothly, leaves no streaks behind and blends so amazingly.  It literally gives you a flawless coverage to the point where if you stipple it, it hide your pores with your foundation that it gives you a porcelain like complexion!  I know the famous makeup artist Wayne Goss says not to over do it with the perfect no pore complexion, but I just love the way it makes my face look.

You can buy this online from the company directly or go to your nearest Sephora and pick one up there. This sponge is very easy to clean and works well when applying concealer and powder foundation or powder in general.  This is my HG tool for foundation.  And yes while I still do have my foundation brush and kabuki brush, this sponge is the first thing I pull out every time!

Keep Smiling!

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