Saturday, January 18, 2014

Contouring Brushes!

Ever since I heard about highlighting and contouring, I have never looked back. While I will admit it does takes some time and practice to do, the right makeup AND tools are everything to achieve this look. When it comes to highlighting, I found that my Beauty Blender Sponge worked well for blending in my highlighter makeup. However when it came to contouring, I felt that the majority of makeup brushes available either picked up to much bronzer or didn't create the angled straight line I was looking from on the hallows of my cheeks and jawline. Part of contouring is knowing how to angle the brush properly on your face in order to draw those deep lines the way Kim Kardashian's makeup artist does. Upon watching youtube one day, I saw three brushes that fit the bill of potentially being instrumental for contouring. 

Everyday Minerals Itahake Brush- $15.99 US

The Itahake Brush by Everyday Minerals does just that. Its rectangular shape allows you to draw that "Kardashian" line on the hollows of your cheeks. This brush was on sale for $9.59 but normally goes for $15.99. Its bristles are very soft but dense so you get a lot of bristles to work with. It is constantly out of stock. So if you happen to find it on the days that it is available, BUY it right away. You never know when it will be out again!

Nars Ita Brush- $40

Nars currently makes a contouring brush that has taken the market by storm. Its been such a hit that you can't find it anywhere right now as it is completely sold out. I couldn't even find it on their website! This brush works well to help contouring by making precision lines on your face. However it is the most expensive amongst the three mentioned here. It is currently being sold by Nordstrom however it is also sold out. 

Sonia Kashuk's Flat Top Sculpting Brush- $12 US

The Sonia Kashuk brush is another contender. This brush has the same flat top as the other two mentioned above, however its handle is shaped differently. It looks more like a normal makeup brush then a contouring brush handle. Nonetheless, its bristle head looks and works just like a flat top brush needed for contouring. You can pick one up at your nearest target.

Whatever brush you decide to go with, just know a contouring brush is your best bet to get that sculpted contouring look on your cheeks and jawline.

Happy Hunting!

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